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Writing about myself is new to me. 

I've put a lot of personal things out there in videos or interviews before, but very rarely in writing.


There's something very permanent about writing to me. It scares me and makes me want to "delete delete delete".


I also find myself with the constant urge to write "haha" or "lol" to make it obvious what my tone is so as not to be misunderstood. 


Am I allowed to write those? Is this professional? Just kidding. I make the rules here. This is MY page. YES.


Some of you reading this know probably way too much about me. There will also be some who stumbled onto my page and have no idea who I am. I will write this for those people. I'm Christina. I'm the second oldest of eleven kids (yes all from the same parents, big Catholic family), the oldest girl to be exact.


And yes, that fact is an important part of my personality.


I homeschooled my entire life until I was 16 and went to college. This was back in 2006 and somewhere along the next few years my five sisters and I decided to put up videos on YouTube of us singing. This was also towards the beginning of YouTube and certainly the beginning of doing covers on YouTube.


Our first cover took off and we were "discovered" by a manager in London and ended up signing with Universal Records and moving to LA. I dropped out of college at 19, moved away from my hometown of 19 years, my boyfriend of 2 months, and a normal life.


I spent the next 5 years in LA living a wildly unimaginable life.


Our videos got millions of views and I got to cross a lot of things off my bucket list. However, my "dream" turned out to be not quite what I thought or even wanted anymore and we decided to leave our manager and the label and my family and I ended up moving to Tennessee to "start over" in a way.


I've been here since 2015 and it's been so life-changing for me in the best way.


I'm now ready to open up and share many things I kept inside all these years... so, welcome to my page.


My Story
WHo is christina


My biggest passions in life are psychology, music, reading, learning, and motivating others. I'm a strange mix of a kid at heart and also like a 45-year-old woman. Another way I describe myself is a mix of a kitten and a lion.


I basically have two modes: a serious more intense mode, and then a more easygoing mischievous mode. I just realized while typing that word out that I totally pronounce it strangely. I'm also not crazy about following grammar rules 100% so I apologize in advance if that irritates you.

One of my biggest talents since childhood is leading people and especially taking charge of large group of people. If I'm in charge of a plan or event, it will run smoothly. I mean one time I even ended up accidentally running my friend's wedding. It happens.

I choke on water or spill it on myself AT LEAST once a day. I trip but NEVER fall.


I told you, I'm like a cat. I always land on my feet. 



I talk WAY too fast and when I'm super inspired about something, I get a major stutter.


As many friends have pointed out to me numerous times, I sing ALL day and most likely its the same one line from the same song. I am a morning person 100% and I ONLY drink decaf coffee because I basically am caffeine.


My personality can be super intense sometimes, but if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. Just kidding I'm not here to throw alleged Marilyn Monroe quotes at you.


I was really going to say that I've come to accept that some people just do not like that. I'm okay with it.


We are really just scratching the surface here but if you read my blog posts, you'll really get to know probably more than you were hoping to know.


Who is Christina Cimorelli?

Tough question, but I can tell you some things about me. HAHA.

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