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My Current Playlists (March 2017)

Okay so I probably don't switch up what music I listen to frequently enough to do a monthly playlist situation... I'm not Dani (my 16 year old sister). I'm thinking I'll do these every couple months or as often as people harass me and I give in.

My music taste is not cool or impressive or anything close to that. In fact, when people ask what kind of music I listen to, I change the subject so as not to disappoint them because people expect me (as an artist) to have some cool, exciting or obscure taste. Not the case. I mean, I am often not even listening to very current music. Nonetheless, enjoy.



Letting Go - Matt Maher (This is my bath go-to. haha. Its so relaxing and the end is the best part)

Speak Life - TobyMac (This gets me so pumped and overlaps with the category of "positive playlist" for sure. It just makes me so happy)

Positive Playlist


I Lived - OneRepublic (OMG. This makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. If i'm hesitant about something, this song can get me to jump in.)

Superheroes - The Script (If I'm in a bit of a dark mood this is a good one to help me find strength.)

Scars To Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara (Seriously this song makes me want to cry. I fake cry every time I listen to it. I don't know how to explain what I'm talking about but basically I'm very touched and I feel like she's a little sister that I'm super proud of when I hear such a good song from a young lady. HAHA I sounded so old just now.)

What Side Of Love - Parachute (The positive vibes just RADIATE from this song. If I need something to just pump me up and help me to not give in to the negative vice in my head, this does it. The cool thing is you could listen to this song if you just got your heart broken or are thinking about life - it just works in so many situations.)

Current Country


Dirt On My Boots - Jon Pardi (This gets me so excited! And theres one line I sing over and over and over until my boyfriend begs me to stop. And then I do it again.)

Song For Another Time - Old Dominion (Picture me sitting in the car belting this out happily while I dance a little bit while driving but in a safe way I promise.)

I Love This Life - LOCASH (I'm in Tennessee. This song makes me love my life even more.)

I Know Somebody - LOCASH (This song is so cute oh my gosh.)


......And BONUS haha this is the speaker I listen to my music on EVERY day:


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