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MARCH Beauty Faves

messy bun ftw

I am going to start doing monthly beauty faves! Welcome to the official first month of this. I'm going to talk about just a few products each month and spotlight them.

Before we jump in, let me state something IMPORTANT......consider skin-types and skin-tones before taking anyone's makeup/product recommendations. If you have incredibly dry skin and you use a product that looks amazing on super oily skin, it may look terrible on you. This is not always true but it's something important to think about. Same goes with colors. I am writing an in-depth post on my skin/hair type to make this easier for people but for now I'll just tell you a few details. I have combo/semi-oily skin and fine/oily hair.

I want to emphasize that all of these products are simply products that I genuinely love! I am including my Amazon Associates links if anyone is interested in checking out any of these products.



Alright people. I'm gonna tell you the current foundation, concealer and primer I use. There are so so so so many more products I can recommend but I don't wanna overwhelm you all so be patient. Haha.

Foundation: Loreal Lumi in w3

This foundation is hydrating and light/medium-coverage on me.


Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age rewind in the shade neutralizer

Does not cake up under my eyes. Oh my gosh. It has such a light consistency on my skin. I do notttttt use this for random spots, though. It's amazing on larger patches of skin.


Primer: E.l.f Poreless Primer

This is so cheap omg. And it would hold my makeup on throughout an entire concert!!! What the heck. On tour I was like why does my makeup look so much better than usual after a concert?! And then I realized. BAM.



I'm loving Joico shampoo currently it makes my hair feel SOOOOO GOOD omg. I use the blue bottle for "balance". So far, I'd say I highly recommend it. For my oily hair, this has been working very well.

I can't explain it but theres just something different about the way it leaves my hair feeling. It has a slight scent that's really pleasant to me. Lol I feel like I sounded like an old lady in that sentence. Anyway, apparently the gold one is amazing as well.



Lol the pic I used is kind of funny. I'm in love with Tom's whitening toothpaste. Okay that's a dramatic statement but I seriously do love it. It reallyyyyyy keeps my teeth white and the smell/taste is not too intense like most. I noticed a pretty big difference in the whiteness of my teeth in between whitening when I started using this toothpaste and I was honestly surprised. Go Tom's.


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